Eighteen Weeks



Look at that cutie.  Not me, the baby.  In just two short weeks we get to see him or her.  I hope it flies by.  I feel the lil bugger moving all the time.

From the top down.

You can hardly even tell from the front.


Bumpdate 15 weeks

We got a new camera.  I asked William to take a cute bump picture of me.  This is what I got.





This one is okay though.


Cool down

We bought a pool.  Not some stupid kiddie pool, but a nice, large, lounging type grown-up pool.

Working Hard or Hardly Working

This weekend we worked very hard.


We tilled/raked the garden.


Planted our seeds.


Planted two more fruit trees, a blue spruce, and a whole lot of marigolds.




We set up the sprinkler for the garden.



We worked really hard.  And we are pooped.  Oh, and we replaced our shower head, cause Lord knows your shower head is only going to break when you’re at your absolute dirtiest.

I was checking on the other fruit trees, and found a happy plum.


Mary, Mary

We’re back to gardening around here.  We actually started several weeks ago.  Two years ago (the first season of our garden) we tried to start seeds indoors and failed miserably.  Probably because we neglected to harden the plants off properly and they suffered too much shock when transplanted.  So last year we decided not to go to the trouble.  Well this year we decided to give it another go.  Yesterday we transferred several of the baby plants to some larger pots.  They aren’t quite ready for the garden yet, but they’re on their way.



Home, Home on the …..

We got back from Colorado yesterday to a beautiful sight.  No, I don’t mean out two foot high grass that we neglected to mow before we left.  I mean the colorful blooms in our yard.








Two of the azaleas William got me for Valentine’s Day.




These iris bulbs were a gift from a coworker.  This is the first year they’ve bloomed since transplant!

(Did you know: The iris is the Tennessee state flower?)


That’s ridiculous.


Deserving or inviting derision or mockery; absurd.
ludicrous – laughable – absurd – funny – comical


So I bought a Swiffer.  Why?  Well because it’s easy.  I never intended to buy refills for it though.  Today I used the last disposable “cloth” it came with, so I sat down and made one from some terrycloth scraps I had on hand.  Here’s how the morning progressed:

  1. Mop floor using disposable “cloth” that came with the mop.
  2. Make reusable cloth.
  3. Mop a second time.  Appalled at amount of remaining dirt on my floor after having already “mopped” once.
  4. Make another reusable cloth.
  5. Mop again.  Still appalled.
  6. Make another reusable cloth.
  7. Mop again.  Still not good enough.
  8. Make yet another cloth.
  9. Mop again.  Moderately satisfied.

Yes, that’s right, I mopped FIVE TIMES.  I must say, I do not think I had to keep mopping because the reusable cloth was inferior, I think it was simply due to the fact that there was so much build-up on the floor from insufficient mopping.  The floors look AMAZING now and I’m so happy I made these cloths.  When the cleaning solution that it came with runs out I plan to refill it with diluted vinegar and a dab of Murphy’s Wood Oil Soap.

So there you have it folks.  Mopping your floor with paper does not work!  William and I are sure that this is a corporate agenda that keeps your floor dirty and keeps you buying more “cloths”.  Maybe so, maybe not, but either way, I’ve learned a lesson here.  Making these cloths didn’t just save money, it didn’t simply help the environment, it also worked a whole lot better.


And P.S. The yogurt was a fail.