William, We have a problem!

Well, we bought the wrought iron balusters for the stairs.  They are GORGEOUS!  William was all prepared to put them in, when we realized the banister is WAY too short!!!!  We knew that when we replaced the carpet on the stairs it had reduced the height of the banister, but WHOA, it was short.  I’m talking 26 inches (that’s just a little over 2 feet, in case you didn’t realize).  Aparently, the ideal height for the banister is around 33 inches, so we were 7 inches shy of that!  So what could we do?  It was too late to rip out the posts without destroying the stairs that William worked so hard on….

So William had a great idea (he claims it was his, but rest assured, it was mine).  Whack the post and put some wrought iron in the middle of it!  Ingeneous!  (Remember:  it was my idea!)



First we whacked the top off of the post

(we did this with a hand saw, logger style)


Then, William drilled a hole in the post


William drilled a hole in the top of the post

(using his fancy new vice)




Then William measured and cut the baluster.


All that work for only one post!  It still has to be secured in place, and there’s 3 more posts to take care of!  All in a days work.  You’ll just have to wait and see how it turns out!!!  =)


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