DIY Network Worthy

Well we did the tile back splash in the kitchen a while ago, but hadn’t changed out the light switches and outlets yet and the white ones looked weird, so I waited to put this on here until we did that.

By the way, changing out a light switch is hazardous to your health.  I was electrocuted not once, but twice.  Ironically enough, the second time I was in the middle of saying “Why am I always the one [ZZZZZZZZ] that gets electrocuted?”  (I inserted the [ZZZZZZZZ] to represent the actual electrocution.)  That brings my grand total for electrocution to 4 since we moved in, 3 times with regular outlets, and once with the stove outlet, after which I could not feel my right thumb or index finger for two days.  I think I’ll actually count that one twice, since the wattage is higher, so I’ll say my grand total is 5.

Anyhow, I digress.  We saw this snazzy idea on DIY Network to make a kind of cityscape using tile, so we decided to go for it.  This is actually the first idea we’ve ever tried from a show, and we really like how it turned out!


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