Cheesy Chicken Pasta


I’m going to start putting my new recipes I’m trying out on here, just to help me keep up with whats good/what’s not and I guess if anyone else wants to try them…

I love trying out new recipes and usually only make something more than once if its super awesome, but the problem is its sometimes hard to remember what’s awesome and what’s not.

First up – Cheesy Chicken Pasta

Tonight I made cheesy chicken pasta, which can be found here –

I substituted broccoli for cauliflower, b/c William and I both hate cauliflower.  Also used red onions, b/c I had them from the garden.

It was blah.  Doubled the mustard, blah.  Doubled the cheese, blah.  And don’t act like if I’d followed the recipe exactly it would have been better, b/c it wouldn’t have been.  I mean, if it came from a box, I’d be satisfied, but it didn’t, so….

Final score: 6/10


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