The fruits/vegetables of our labor.

Today I made some refrigerator pickles.  As most everyone probably knows, I hate pickles.  Dill, kosher, spears, whatever label you want to put on them, I just call them nasty.  But, we have a serious amount of cucumbers right now and since William likes pickles (crazy person) I figured why not.  It was really easy to do and William says they’re good (as good as a nasty pickle can be, I guess).

I have given away at least 20 cucumbers, possibly more and there are still 10 sitting on our kitchen counter even after the 4 1/2 I used on the pickles!  Jeeze-Louise these things are growing like crazy!  We’ve also enjoyed quite a few red onions, some peppers, zucchini, okra, and the most delicious corn.


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