We’ll ride painted horses with wind in our hair…

On Tuesday we went to the state fair.  We had a good time, despite the fact that the Tennessee State Fair is completely sucky.  I mean, seriously, the Wal-Mart carnival in Tullahoma is better.  But we still had a good time.

We saw giant pumpkins and watermelons.

(“That’s not real,” said William.)

We learned about beekeeping and harvesting honey.

(The bee with the blue dot is the queen.)

William wasted $5 trying to make an impossible basketball shot.

“Is it actually possible?” asks William.  “Of course it is,” says the carnie.

(He really wanted a giant Jamaican banana.)

William got to eat his fave carnival treat, a caramel apple.

We went in the chicken barn.

(The cock of his dreams.  Haha.)

Overall we had a pretty fun time.


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