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Small Change, Big Change.

We updated the bedroom a while back and I forgot to blog about it.  We painted, got a new bedspread, sheets, and curtains, and I made some pillows.




Also, we (mainly William) began demo on the master bath today.



The organizing continued today.  I tackled the master closets, which are actually kind of in the bathroom.  I do not have before pictures b/c it was just too shameful.  Let’s just say that every shelf was stacked nearly to the ceiling with unorganized nonsense and the floor was covered as well.

My closet.

(Please don’t mind the massive pile of laundry on the floor, I haven’t gotten to that yet.)

William’s closet.

I got rid of a lot of old worn out clothes, kept some to sew with, and freed up a lot of space in my closet.  This led to me moving on to the foyer closet, which was jam packed.  I moved some of the coats and jackets we don’t use often into the bedroom.  Again, no before pictures of the foyer.

Now the unfortunate thing is that the bonus room closets (it has two) desperately need organizing.

(Here comes the shameful part….)

Easy Update

Today I updated a couple of frames with new pictures.  It’s amazing how this makes it seem like you’ve redecorated.  I need to do the rest of the frames but it took me so long just to choose these five pictures I figured I’d wait to do the rest.


By the back door.

And in the small bathroom.

(One of my fave pics of Klaus, his first bath.)


Finally got the wainscotting done in the bathroom. Not crazy about the blue with the grey, but it’s okay. 




The upstairs is pretty much done too but I haven’t taken any pictures, so I’ll get around to posting that later.


This room will also be our safe haven in the event of severe weather.  Hopefully we won’t need it today.



A Tornado Watch is in effect for middle Tennessee until 2pm.

This is labeled by the Storm Prediction Center as a Particularly Dangerous Situation

At the current pace severe weather out of Ms. should cross into Tennesee between 8:00a to 8:30a into Wayne and Giles County.


Severe Weather Day Ahead

Not much has changed in the forecast: WE ARE EXPECTING SEVERE WEATHER THIS AFTERNOON AND EVENING. Tornado Watches are already in effect for the southwest corner of Tennesee this morning, these watches will likely be expanded to include middle Tennessee late morning.


Cloudy with winds picking up from the south through the race to 10-20 mph. Muggy start in the 60’s,  in the low 70’s by Noon.  Storms are possible by the Noon hour and beyond.


The Storm Prediction Center continutes to warn a large swath of the south of the risk of a major severe weather outbreak for today. The risk of long-track tornadoes is included, the higher risk will be down in Alabama (including the race down in Talladega Superspeedway today) but there is a 15% chance of a tornado occuring within 25 miles of your home today:


Predictor is light up like a Christmas tree by early afternoon. It is from noon all the way into the late evening we run the risk of severe weather. The highest risk of tornadoes will be during the afternoon hours.

By 2pm

You can also expect very windy conditions around these storms with a south wind 15-25 mph. The storms themselves could be packing damaging winds up to 60mph. This also has the potential to give us the biggest rain we’ve had in our area in the last 97 days, perhaps even in the last 210 days if we get over 2.35″. Several rounds of heavy rain (and severe weather) is possible this afternoon and evening. I expect a squall line to move through tonight with the cold front that sweeps in; tornado risk would be very low but wind damage and heavy rain would be possible with this line.

Justin, Davis and myself will be tracking through the afternoon. We get three or four days like this a year in middle Tennessee. I strongly urge you to limit your travel this afternoon and stay close to News 2 as we track these storms. If you are in your car please turn to Mix 92.9, they will simucast our live on-air tracking if tornadoes are on the ground.

Can’t see the forrest for the trees…

I don’t want to think about how many walnut trees died so that we could have beautiful floors.  Their death was not in vain.

Yesterday we made a VERY long trip to IKEA in Atlanta.  It was so fun, but so long.  We got some great stuff!!!  Two loveseats, a coffee table, a rug, and six dining room chairs!  Hooray!  I think I want to move the rug into the bedroom and get something bigger for the living room, but we can leave it there for now.

I put all this in one post since the furniture is in some of the pictures of the floors…


(Lara got a new bed)


Just because she’s too cute not to put on here…










And now on to the stairs…


and the hallway…


Tile exchange…

So we exchanged the bathroom tile b/c the kind we bought was 4×4 and it was going to be a pain in the tush to install.  I thought about buying slate –



b/c it’s cool looking, but I guess it’s not as durable b/c its real rock and it breaks off and chips and stuff, I don’t know.

So I decided to buy this porcelain tile –



it is so huge! 17.75×17.75!  It’s cool b/c it has kind of a blue hue to it.  Hopefully it will look good b/c I’m not driving to Nashville to exchange it again.

Yay for tile!

We bought a ton of tile today.