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The organizing continued today.  I tackled the master closets, which are actually kind of in the bathroom.  I do not have before pictures b/c it was just too shameful.  Let’s just say that every shelf was stacked nearly to the ceiling with unorganized nonsense and the floor was covered as well.

My closet.

(Please don’t mind the massive pile of laundry on the floor, I haven’t gotten to that yet.)

William’s closet.

I got rid of a lot of old worn out clothes, kept some to sew with, and freed up a lot of space in my closet.  This led to me moving on to the foyer closet, which was jam packed.  I moved some of the coats and jackets we don’t use often into the bedroom.  Again, no before pictures of the foyer.

Now the unfortunate thing is that the bonus room closets (it has two) desperately need organizing.

(Here comes the shameful part….)