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In da hood.

About two years ago I purchased the most adorable blue rain jacket.  Unfortunately, said rain jacket was hoodless.  Now I don’t know about you, but a jacket without a hood equals umbrella on a rainy day.  The whole point was to be able to go umbrella-less on days of light rain.  Problem solved.

I made a hood for my jacket!  I used outdoor canvas for the exterior, which is a little stiffer than I’d like, but is water repellent, so it makes sense for a rain jacket.  I used the detachable hood from my winter coat for a template and it turned out uber fabulous!


Partial success

I made the dress.  Actually, I decided to make a muslin.  (You can read more about making a muslin by clicking here.)

The arm holes came out incredibly small, so when I do this for real next time I’m definitely going to have to increase the arm hole.  The dress is also very sack-like and I imagine a woman with a small bust and hips looking better in it than I do.  William joked that he loves potato sack races and asked what time the event was going to start.  I haven’t done any finishing (hem, etc.) but here are some pictures.

(And by the way, Mom, I did not do the exposed zipper.)

A reminder of the pattern.

Looky looky

I bought this pattern today at the thrift store for 29 cents.  Copyright 1967.  Difficult to contain my excitement.  Ready to dive in and make it!  Be back later!


Are you serious?

I sold something on Etsy!  Freakin’ unbelievable!  Someone asked if I could make something just for them and I said yes and then I made it and they loved it and then they bought it!  I am dead serious!

Custom Clutch

A Doggie Bed Built for Two

I made Luna and Klaus a giant dog bed.  It is so big, it probably belongs in the Guinness Book.  They love it.

I had to cut 8 pairs of pants from Goodwill apart and sew them together.  It took quite a long time.  See below.

Before they had their new bed.

Sleeping like babies.

Ask and ye shall recieve.

A purse for my sister.

And a bonus coin purse to match.

Sew Crafty!

So I’ve been feeling really crafty lately and been sewing up a storm!

Today I made this adorable purse, from the tutorial found here.

It is so cute and I am so proud of myself! =)

I considered making one of these –

which I still might do later on.

I also made a skirt last week –

And I had enough fabric left over from the skirt to make a cute curtain for the bathroom –

So that’s what I’ve been up to lately….