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And I give you…..the kitchen! Voila!


It didn’t work…

I have nothing else to say…

I wish, I wish, I wish I were a fish…

Well, the title of this post is completely irrelevant, except that I have had it up to here with things not working right around here.  Seriously, enough is enough!

So our dishwasher has not been working properly.  We basically wash everything before we put it in there, and yet it comes out dirty.  How can it go in clean, and come out dirty?!?!?! (And no, Mom, I did not overload the dishwasher nor was I overzealous in my crowding of the dishes.  I even ran a load with only two glasses in there, and they were still dirty!)

SO….we took the dishwasher apart.  And boy oh boy, was it nasty in there!  Years of caked on detergent, or hard water build up, or what have you.  I don’t know, but it was serious!

What’s that?  You think we are so reckless to take apart an appliance such as the dishwasher, which we have no working knowledge of?  Oh I misunderstood you, you said you think we are brave.  I know, we are brave.

You can see some of the nasty below.

This piece, which is affectionately known as the chopper, had paper towel or something similar caked all over it.

Well now we are running two cups of vinegar through the hottest cycle, which was recommended in the user manual for cleaning.  Stay tuned for the results.

The ants go marching one by one…

We have been completely taken over by ants.  Well, not completely, but I have seriously had enough!  Aaahhhh.

Well what this post is actually about is our unreasonable kitchen cabinets.  I took the cabinet doors down the first week we moved in.  We will have lived in this house 1 year on August 1, just for reference.  The cabinets were white and they were dirty.  I remember thinking to myself, “Ah, I will slap a coat of paint on these cabinets to freshen them up!  A fresh coat of white will do them some good!”  HA!  What a laugh!

So I did just that, I slapped a coat of plain old white paint on them and they promptly turned pee-stain yellow.  Why, you might ask?  I have no flipping clue!

So we put two coats of primer (notice this conversation has changed from “I” to “we” – this is where William got involved b/c too many tears were being shed) and two coats of paint.  Seemed to be working great.  No pee stains around here, no sir!

THEN, we got our new counter tops and they are SO beautiful – EXCEPT they look completely terrible with the white!  And so, the cabinets are now black.

But WAIT!  The story doesn’t end there!  Oh no!  Yesterday, we are finally finished, we are ready to hang the cabinets doors.  And so we begin, and we notice something strange.  “Wait just a minute,” we say, “there are three doors missing.”  And guess where they are!  In the garage behind a shelf – STILL WHITE! I seriously was this close <> to committing an act of extreme violence.  And it gets even better – We are short 6 hinges!  Yep, all those hinges I bought so long ago, some of them are missing.  Coincidentally the exact number are missing that doors are white, but I have no explanation for that.  So, without further adieu – I give you only a small preview of our cabinets, with about 17 coats of paint on them at this point.

And no, we are not putting hardware on them, b/c I am seriously done working on these.

And this is me – feeling defeated by inanimate objects.

DIY Network Worthy

Well we did the tile back splash in the kitchen a while ago, but hadn’t changed out the light switches and outlets yet and the white ones looked weird, so I waited to put this on here until we did that.

By the way, changing out a light switch is hazardous to your health.  I was electrocuted not once, but twice.  Ironically enough, the second time I was in the middle of saying “Why am I always the one [ZZZZZZZZ] that gets electrocuted?”  (I inserted the [ZZZZZZZZ] to represent the actual electrocution.)  That brings my grand total for electrocution to 4 since we moved in, 3 times with regular outlets, and once with the stove outlet, after which I could not feel my right thumb or index finger for two days.  I think I’ll actually count that one twice, since the wattage is higher, so I’ll say my grand total is 5.

Anyhow, I digress.  We saw this snazzy idea on DIY Network to make a kind of cityscape using tile, so we decided to go for it.  This is actually the first idea we’ve ever tried from a show, and we really like how it turned out!

Heellllooooo, Granite!

Hooray!  New countertops!!!!!






I did a fabulous project today.  Michael’s had a President’s Day sale plus I had a 25% off coupon so I bought 6 frames for $18 (they’re big too, 12×18) and then I cut up some old posters we had and hung them in the kitchen.  I am really happy with the way it turned out!