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Give Us This Day


Some people say that the thing that distinguishes homo sapiens from other primates is the ability to problem solve and use higher order thinking skills (some people=people who would know=scientists).  The genus name, after all, is Latin for “wise man”.

Side note: Perhaps we should require a standardized test to establish such skills and only allow certain people into the genus.  And if you happen to be sick, or depressed, or just plain hung over on the day of the test, well too bad.  You are now eternally a member of some other genus, perhaps we’ll call it homo stupidus even though you probably aren’t actually stupid. <End rant>


Anyhow, I would like to submit that the actual thing that distinguishes us is the ability to make bread.  How can something that is a basic staple in most diets be so damn hard to make?  Well, guess what!  I believe I have earned my place among the ranks of those who are of the greatest intelligence.  I give you, my loaf of bread!





You may argue that I am actually less than ten percent responsible for this loaf of bread considering it took me less than a half hour to prepare the ingredients and the three and a half hours for my bread machine to make it, but I don’t really care what you say.  Why don’t I care?

  • It tastes really good.
  • It’s healthier than store-bought bread.
  • It’s cheaper.
  • It makes my house smell good.
  • You don’t get any.

Out of the goodness of my heart, I am going to share the recipe, although I highly doubt your loaves will come out as good as mine.



Tortellini Primavera

My own picture

Tonight I made Tortellini Primavera, which can be found here –

It was so delicious!  I used a cucumber and a zucchini from the garden for the vegetables, and Parmesan instead of fontina cheese just b/c its cheaper, and added chicken (mans gotta have his meat!).

Final Score – 8/10

Cheesy Chicken Pasta


I’m going to start putting my new recipes I’m trying out on here, just to help me keep up with whats good/what’s not and I guess if anyone else wants to try them…

I love trying out new recipes and usually only make something more than once if its super awesome, but the problem is its sometimes hard to remember what’s awesome and what’s not.

First up – Cheesy Chicken Pasta

Tonight I made cheesy chicken pasta, which can be found here –

I substituted broccoli for cauliflower, b/c William and I both hate cauliflower.  Also used red onions, b/c I had them from the garden.

It was blah.  Doubled the mustard, blah.  Doubled the cheese, blah.  And don’t act like if I’d followed the recipe exactly it would have been better, b/c it wouldn’t have been.  I mean, if it came from a box, I’d be satisfied, but it didn’t, so….

Final score: 6/10

My new favorite recipe

Banana-Bran Muffins Recipe


I have made these muffins three times now and they are crazy delicious.