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Easy Update

Today I updated a couple of frames with new pictures.  It’s amazing how this makes it seem like you’ve redecorated.  I need to do the rest of the frames but it took me so long just to choose these five pictures I figured I’d wait to do the rest.


By the back door.

And in the small bathroom.

(One of my fave pics of Klaus, his first bath.)


So fresh and so clean-clean

Purple carpet ripped up?  Check? 

Pink wall, purple wall, blue wall, green wall painted?  Check. 

Multi-colored based boards, door and window frames painted?  Check. 

Distgusting hand painted mural taken care of?  Check. 

 Tinkerbell boarder removed?  Check.

Adorable new hardwood installed?  Double check.




A glimpse into the past


I did a fabulous project today.  Michael’s had a President’s Day sale plus I had a 25% off coupon so I bought 6 frames for $18 (they’re big too, 12×18) and then I cut up some old posters we had and hung them in the kitchen.  I am really happy with the way it turned out!

Sing us a song

I had the most wonderful gift delivered to my door yesterday….a piano!  I haven’t had it long, but it feels like it belongs here.  I love it.  I’ve even given William his first lesson (which mainly consisted of – this is middle C, sit up straight and tall, and curve your fingers).  I’m sure he’ll be a master in no time (as long as he doesn’t sit down in a few weeks time and play the Linus and Lucy song likes he’s been playing all his life, ANSON).  As soon as I get a song worked back up, I’ll put it on youtube and link it here.  Right now I’m working on Spinning Song, which I think I last played in like 6th grade, but it’s all coming back to me.



Orange you glad…

I don’t really like cheasy holiday-type decorations.  I’m not going to put a scarecrow or a skeleton on my from porch.  Definitely not bales of hay.  But I really wanted to have something colorful on the front door.  So I made a wreath.  That’s right, I made it!  It turned out simple and pretty (as far as I can tell).  William told me he doesn’t like wreaths, so I waited ’til he left town to do it. =)  It was so much cheaper than buying one, plus, I used wires to attach it and didn’t glue anything so I can change it when Christmas rolls around!





Just in time for the holidays

We started painting the dining room.  Once I realized how perfect it would be for Christmas, we decided to wait until after the holidays to finish.


Just kidding, we painted the top too!


The colors aren’t exactly accurate in the second picture.  You can tell in the top picture that the green is a little brighter.  It looks so pretty!  William picked it out and I had my doubts, especially after the door episode.

We also got a new light fixture.


It only took about 10 years to hang … my fault, my inability to accurately read directions caused a delay…  =)

PS – Our house is not messy, though it might look that way in the pictures… (William made me put that  =)   We were working in there for crying out loud!  Of course it is messy!  I will try and clean up before I take pictures in the future…)


I spray painted the lamp that I found in the dumpster at our apartment.  (Yes, I know I’m starting to look like I enjoy dumpster diving as a hobby.)  It is so cute in yellow (please ignore the mustard on the walls behind the lamp, it will be leaving, hopefully soon) and I found a great shade at the thrift store for only 50 cents!