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That’s ridiculous.


Deserving or inviting derision or mockery; absurd.
ludicrous – laughable – absurd – funny – comical


So I bought a Swiffer.  Why?  Well because it’s easy.  I never intended to buy refills for it though.  Today I used the last disposable “cloth” it came with, so I sat down and made one from some terrycloth scraps I had on hand.  Here’s how the morning progressed:

  1. Mop floor using disposable “cloth” that came with the mop.
  2. Make reusable cloth.
  3. Mop a second time.  Appalled at amount of remaining dirt on my floor after having already “mopped” once.
  4. Make another reusable cloth.
  5. Mop again.  Still appalled.
  6. Make another reusable cloth.
  7. Mop again.  Still not good enough.
  8. Make yet another cloth.
  9. Mop again.  Moderately satisfied.

Yes, that’s right, I mopped FIVE TIMES.  I must say, I do not think I had to keep mopping because the reusable cloth was inferior, I think it was simply due to the fact that there was so much build-up on the floor from insufficient mopping.  The floors look AMAZING now and I’m so happy I made these cloths.  When the cleaning solution that it came with runs out I plan to refill it with diluted vinegar and a dab of Murphy’s Wood Oil Soap.

So there you have it folks.  Mopping your floor with paper does not work!  William and I are sure that this is a corporate agenda that keeps your floor dirty and keeps you buying more “cloths”.  Maybe so, maybe not, but either way, I’ve learned a lesson here.  Making these cloths didn’t just save money, it didn’t simply help the environment, it also worked a whole lot better.


And P.S. The yogurt was a fail.


So fresh and so clean-clean

Purple carpet ripped up?  Check? 

Pink wall, purple wall, blue wall, green wall painted?  Check. 

Multi-colored based boards, door and window frames painted?  Check. 

Distgusting hand painted mural taken care of?  Check. 

 Tinkerbell boarder removed?  Check.

Adorable new hardwood installed?  Double check.




A glimpse into the past


William finished the stairs, except for the balusters, or spindles, or whatever they’re called.  Those will come later.  These stairs ended up being an unrealistic amount of work and William made them look so beautiful!







The last picture doesn’t show William’s final handiwork, but I haven’t taken a picture of that yet, so I’ll add it later.

Can’t see the forrest for the trees…

I don’t want to think about how many walnut trees died so that we could have beautiful floors.  Their death was not in vain.

Yesterday we made a VERY long trip to IKEA in Atlanta.  It was so fun, but so long.  We got some great stuff!!!  Two loveseats, a coffee table, a rug, and six dining room chairs!  Hooray!  I think I want to move the rug into the bedroom and get something bigger for the living room, but we can leave it there for now.

I put all this in one post since the furniture is in some of the pictures of the floors…


(Lara got a new bed)


Just because she’s too cute not to put on here…










And now on to the stairs…


and the hallway…


If I had a million dollars…

If I had a million dollars….I would pay someone to lay my floors.


Common names:            Black Walnut, American Walnut, pain in the a**  

Scientific name:                 Juglans nigra      

Explanation of scientific name:       

Juglans – From the 2 Latin words “Jovis” meaning Jupiter and “glans” meaning nut.   The word is used most likely in reference to the ancient common name for walnut fruit:  nut of Jupiter.

nigra  – Latin for dark or black.

Kitchen tile part 2

Will and Rob layed tile in the kitchen today.  It looks so fabulous!

First they layed the backer board stuff –


Then Rob layed the tile –


William and Pickens (Michael) are working in the bathroom now.  Ten hours and still kickin.

Tile exchange…

So we exchanged the bathroom tile b/c the kind we bought was 4×4 and it was going to be a pain in the tush to install.  I thought about buying slate –



b/c it’s cool looking, but I guess it’s not as durable b/c its real rock and it breaks off and chips and stuff, I don’t know.

So I decided to buy this porcelain tile –



it is so huge! 17.75×17.75!  It’s cool b/c it has kind of a blue hue to it.  Hopefully it will look good b/c I’m not driving to Nashville to exchange it again.