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Whoa Nellie.

Mom and April came this morning to help me get my fabric organized.  We made A LOT of progress, and I only have a little tidying left to do.  I also painted my sewing room a couple of weeks ago, though the change isn’t drastic.

And Penny has a new window seat, which she loves.


So fresh and so clean-clean

Purple carpet ripped up?  Check? 

Pink wall, purple wall, blue wall, green wall painted?  Check. 

Multi-colored based boards, door and window frames painted?  Check. 

Distgusting hand painted mural taken care of?  Check. 

 Tinkerbell boarder removed?  Check.

Adorable new hardwood installed?  Double check.




A glimpse into the past

Just in time for the holidays

We started painting the dining room.  Once I realized how perfect it would be for Christmas, we decided to wait until after the holidays to finish.


Just kidding, we painted the top too!


The colors aren’t exactly accurate in the second picture.  You can tell in the top picture that the green is a little brighter.  It looks so pretty!  William picked it out and I had my doubts, especially after the door episode.

We also got a new light fixture.


It only took about 10 years to hang … my fault, my inability to accurately read directions caused a delay…  =)

PS – Our house is not messy, though it might look that way in the pictures… (William made me put that  =)   We were working in there for crying out loud!  Of course it is messy!  I will try and clean up before I take pictures in the future…)

Goodbye orange, hello Cumulus

We finally started painting over that ugly orange!  It’s almost completely gone!  Hooray!  The color is called Cumulus and it’s a really light blue that is almost white.  It is so pretty.  We used the Behr paint and primer in one (I had my doubts that this would cover the orange) and it is awesome!  The pictures show the walls after only one coat!